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Set of Custom Hat liners - BULK SAVINGS 

- Lustrous surface and a soft silky comforting feel

- Sits beautifully on the hat.


Easily Installed: If needed Cut it with a scissor to the desired height, Leave some inch of fabric to go underneath the sweatband. Attach it with helmers school glue, Or just stick it in.


Liner Height : 4.75" *height fits all sizes. Easily adjustable with a scissor.



Order Process:

1. Email your Logo to

For best results, Logo shall be in a white background.


2. Choose the Fabric color code :

See the color chart in the listing - and pattern options

* you can also choose a different color for the wall (side) and the top area.


Processing time: 2-4 Weeks


Our goal is customer satisfaction, Our standard is quality.

We are making the extra mile for fast delivery. 

Custom hat liners - Wholesale Package